The information provided below is an official offer to any individual to enter the agreement on receiving a subscriber service. 

Given offer is a public contract of accession, therefore, according to articles 633, 634 of Civil Code of Ukraine, its terms and conditions are identical for every subscriber and may not be changed or altered by the second party of the contract. 

In accordance with the articles 634, 642 of Civil Code of Ukraine, if you agree to the terms and conditions of the given offer, you must complete the registration (submit your billing information) and provide the payment for the services. In this case, the contract will be considered engaged, and our company will be considered as the one that took on responsibilities to provide services in website placement and hosting, virtual server hosting and domain name registration on the Internet or the rental of a designated server. 

Public offer

  1. General terms and conditions
  • 1.1. Services, listed on the website: https://games-service.net by the sole proprietor Shyliaiev P.M. are going to be named “Services” below. Sole proprietor Shyliaiev P.M. is going to be named “Executor” below.
  • 1.2. Individuals using the services, listed on the website are going to be named “Clients” below.
  • 1.3. This agreement (named “Contract” below) is characterized as a public offer – “verbal agreement”. In accordance with the acting law and legislation of Ukraine, the given contract is endowed with legal power.
  • 1.4. By completing the registration of a Personal Account (part 3.1), the Client confirms that they have read, understood an agreed to the terms and conditions of the given contract.

2. Subject of the contract

  • 2.1. According to the contract, the Client trusts the Executor to provide the Client with a service they chose on a chosen rate. In return, Executor takes on the responsibility to provide the Client with the service they chose and paid for. 
  • 2.2. It is Client’s responsibility to accept and pay for the services, provided by Executor, in full accordance to the terms and conditions, listed in the contract, as well as rates, listed on the Executor’s website at the time of the payment placement. 

3. Order of services provision and payment

  • 3.1. Client places and order and completes the registration in a personal account (billing) of Executor (available at https://my.games-service.net).
  • 3.2. In the registration tab, it is Client’s responsibility to fill all fields, listed as mandatory and to provide accurate and legible information (in case if Executor finds the given information suspicious, Executor has the right to request a document that proves the identity of the Client).
  • 3.3. Client independently provides the payment for the services in their personal account by any available option.
  • 3.4. Executor provides services based on the %100 downpayment
  • 3.5. Invoices for payment and extension of services are provided automatically in the personal account, 7 days prior to the end of the paid service period.
  • 3.6. In order to place payment manually, Client must contact Sales Department via internal ticketing system in the personal account of Executor and discuss the order of payment placement. 
  • 3.7. In case, when Client fails to provide payment for the current service period, service provision is going to be placed on hold 24 hours after the ending of the paid service period. In case, when Client fails to provide payment in the duration of 7 days after the paid service period ends, the service is going to be terminated and all data, stored on the servers of Executor, belonging to the given Client, is going to be erased completely from Executor’s servers.
  • 3.8. Payment period after the service was placed on hold is going to be deducted since the moment the service was paused, not since the day the payment was placed.
  • 3.9. In case, when Client breaks one or multiple rules, listed in this offer, Executor has the full right to refuse services to the client and refuse the refund. 

4. Rights and responsibilities of the parties involved

  • 4.1. Executor undertakes responsibility to maintain confidentiality of the Client’s information, received during the payment placement. However, should Client break any of the current laws and legislations, Executor has the full right to provide competent instances with Client’s personal data, should those instances request such data.
  • 4.2. Executor is not responsible for check and evaluation of Client’s data. Client is fully responsible for the content they placed on servers that they rented from Executor.
  • 4.3. Client is responsible for abiding Copyrights, patent regulations, non-violating third-party rights. In case, if Client violates any of the given rules, or breaks any of current laws and regulations, as well as spreads negative information regarding third-party participants, violates moral codes, which leads to disturbance in community, Executor has the full right to immediately terminate the contract, cease services provision and refuse the refund of Client’s current balance.
  • 4.4. Executor has the full right to block services he provides Client with in case when given services result in glitches and errors of the system or other Clients’s services.
  • 4.5. Violation of the given rules will lead to immediate blocking of Client’s server/website.
  • 4.6. Client relieves Executor from any demands of the third-party representatives regarding their data.
  • 4.7. Executor is not responsible for safety of Client’s data on Client’s server/website. After uploading data to the server, Client is OBLIGATED to create a reserve copy of this data.
  • 4.8. In order to access the ordered service, Client is provided with electronic authorization data. Client is responsible for confidentiality of this data. Client should not reveal this data to third-party individual. Client is fully responsible for consequences, resulting in faulty usage of the given data.
  • 4.9. Client is aware that data intercept is possible within the Internet and Client considers this risk.  Executor is not responsible for emails or any other information confidentiality breaches. 
  • 4.10. Executor does not take on responsibility for violations, occurring within the Internet. Executor is not responsible for damages and their consequences, caused directly or indirectly by Client’s server/website.
  • 4.11. Executor is not responsible for any types of possible indirect damages under any circumstances. Indirect damages may include, but not limited to: full or partial activity stoppage, loss of income, profit or reputation. In addition, Client agrees to relieve Executor from third-party law or action suits of any kind, directed towards the Client. 
  • 4.12. Client agrees not to place any kind of unlawful content and information on Executor’s servers, and in case such information appears to be found, Client will take on a full responsibility for the given data. 
  • 4.13. Executor is responsible for providing Client with an email no later than 24 hours prior, warning Client about maintenance operations that may affect the services Client receives.
  • 4.14. Executor agrees to compensate the service unavailability time to the Client with a 1 day of compensation added to the paid period for every day of service unavailability. 

5. Technical support

  • 5.1. Technical support is executed via internal mailing system (tickets) in the personal account of Executor.
  • 5.2. Technical support, provided via instant messaging services (Telegram, Skype, etc.) is considered a courtesy. Therefore, Executor has the full right to refuse providing technical support, using these methods of communication if they do not see it suitable.
  • 5.3. Executor is not responsible for administration of your gaming server (emulator). Executor also will not support third-party individuals. Services include providing Client with a ready-to-go hosting for the given server, administration of that server is a Client’s burden. 
  • 5.4. For the rates of gaming servers, Executor agrees to provide assistance with installation and adjustment of a necessary software to ensure the server’s proper functioning, according to the rate chosen.