Why you should choose us

Run by developers and technology enthusiasts. We aren't accountants and business school folks running fancy accounting algorithms posing as a hosting business. When you contact us you are dealing with people versed in the hosting industry.

Customers Matter

First and foremost.
Having a problem? Need some direction or a solution recommendation? We are always happy to do what we can to help customers accomplish their goals

Price vs Quality

Affordable Services. We hate the word "cheap" or "overpriced"
Referring to this we offer well balanced plans with extra services for each customer.


DDoS Protection available in all plans.
We provide up to 500gbits of volumetric protection and have the capability to deal with over 700 million packets-per-second.

10 years on the market

For all the time served more than 1000 customers from around the world. Thanks to a wealth of experience, we know the needs of our clients and can provide a full range of services for projects of any scale and complexity.

Awesome OS Templates

We made sure that the use of our services was extremely convenient and anyone with no specific technical skills could cope with the management of the entire server.

GSCS to control everything

Managing a server has never been more convenient than with our proprietary management system. No need to type long and complex commands in the terminal, the entire server management process takes place through handy GUI.