The history of Games-Service begins back in 2008. Then we were not a hosting provider, but the usual administrators of several game projects who were disappointed in their hosting provider and lack of experience in server maintenance — frequent power outages, network crashes, solving system problems on servers and many other negative aspects that took up a lot amount of time. The last straw in our patience was the periodic breakdown of the hard drives of our hosting provider with subsequent rollbacks from backups, which often led to long-term downtime of the projects, and as a result, some of the data after the restoration was lost.

After this incident, we had a question about changing the hosting provider, long market research, offers from other providers, but we could not make a choice. None of the options considered suited us 100%

Therefore, it was decided to rent our own server for our current tasks, but server capacities were abundant and it was practically idle without load. Later, we decided to lease part of the server resources, and this was the key moment at the beginning of the formation of our company as a hosting provider. In March 2009, we registered games-service.net. Thanks to an individual approach to the needs of each client, we have become rapidly gaining popularity among the same game resource administrators. Based on the bitter experience of cooperation with other hosting providers, we eliminated their mistakes from our work, and implemented the necessary services and tools in each tariff plan for the game server, as a result, our customers did not have to delve into the technical issues of server administration, forget about fault tolerance , stability and security of important data. All the time they could calmly devote to the development of their project, knowing that their technical needs at that time were provided, though not by professionals, but by responsible and responsive people who had been in their shoes and understood what a modern game project administrator needed.

During the existence of our company, more than a thousand different projects with various needs have passed through us. Although not everyone managed to please everything, but most of those who used our services were satisfied, and their projects worked confidently for a long time.

Who are we today?

A small team of professionals actively developing the field of game hosting for projects of any scale. Having rich experience gained over several years, we are ready to offer a wide range of services (from leasing a virtual server to building a fault-tolerant infrastructure for large gaming and not only projects with the full administration of all client equipment), fully covering the needs and requirements of modern online projects.